Trivia on Monday Night

MONDAYS ARE BACK!Feeling bored on a Monday night and looking for a bit of light-hearted company? Allow us to give you an excuse to get out of the house and meet some interesting people or spend time with the ones you already know and love. Monday nights we’re now hosting trivia nights at The Arsenal, courtesy of Big Happy Trivia.

Described by many as a “rip-roaring good time”, the festivities start at 7:00 PM and go until 9:00 PM every Monday night. Topics include movies, music, current events, fun with names, and much more! Get your team of four together or allow us to help you build one, then just sit back, relax, and put that big brain to use. Prizes include $50 for first place, $25 for second place, and girl scout cookies for 3rd place…yum. Big Happy Trivia is one of West LA’s most highly acclaimed acts, known for their comedic trivia performances across the city.

Cure your case of the Mondays with The Arsenal, and allow us to show you why we’re one of the best bars in LA!

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